Heiner Pflug was born in Tanzania. He is a German citizen according to his passport but had been living and working in many countries of different continents. More than 25 years back he chose Rio de Janeiro for residence and is considered by his friends a true Carioca.

He discovered his love for photographic art when riding his motorcycle to far away places. His adventurous spirit, which goes along with great sensibility, allows him to capture people and landscapes with creativity and sharpened vision. Very often he anticipates moments to come and explores and converges masterfully the open fields of colors, lights, textures and shadows.

Heiner published the book "Sex & Poetry," registering skillfully the famous Villa Mimosa, the largest area of prostitution within Latin American countries. The second book followed in 2009 called "Destination Mongolia", having visited and photographed 18 countries till the most eastern point Ulan Bator. The third book illustrates Russian windows, which he found all over this huge country. The book got a special point with ten short stories. The fourth book shows Brazilian professionals with the Brazilian flag. Book number five illustrates unique pictures, following the tradition of Street Photography. The sixth book titled "Removing Barriers", with coverage to forgotten leper colonies, is soon to be published. The seventh book “The Force of Flowers” can be purchased through Blurb.

Heiner follows the philosophy that a “style easily recognized” would be an indication that his career lost the invaluable point of surprise. Such a “style”, according to his own words, would be the beginning of decadence, because he hates limitations and repetitions.

Heiner is a founding member of ART-SETTE, a group of seven photographers who promote and sell their images as Fine Art Photography. He makes his pictures with a Nikon D300, the Nikon D3 and the Leica M9.

me Heiner received great recognition in various international competitions, to mention a few:

• Five consecutive years Trierenberg Super Circuit
• Four consecutive years Al-Thani Award
• Black & White Portfolio Contest 2008
• Black & White Spider Award 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011
• Black &White Magazine 2009
• Photography Master Cup 2009, 2010 and 2011
• Annual Pro Competition 2010
• WGA Annual 2010 – Worldwide Photography
• Leica Fotografe 2012